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No matter where you are at in life, growth options are regularly presented to you even if you're unaware of them. On a spiritual, mental, personal or financial level a new 'there' is oftentimes desired and always obtainable.

It's important to realise that what got you here, won't get you there. And many times in identifying the 'there' we turn to how-to-systems, corporate competency models, executive leadership conferences, performance reviews, online courses etc. We are told what our 'there' is. How our 'there' should look like.

How many times do you turn to self? To reflect and articulate YOUR aspirational 'there'? Not often and that's exactly what we help you with at The Pink Walnut coaching boutique.

We work with driven business people who want to challenge the status quo, who feel the need to pursue their desires; people who need to be highly efficient and effective in the profitable environments they operate in, people who want to create impact and feel the urge to be of value and meaning.

It is with these people or their teams with whom we create measurable and guaranteed change in leadership through powerful coaching. Not only visible to them, but especially visible in the working environment or private life. It's not you who decides if you are a good leader. Your stakeholders do.

Elsbeth van Lienden

As the founder of The Pink Walnut Elsbeth dedicates her time to coach C-level executives and entrepreneurs as a Marshall Goldsmith certified Executive- and Team Coach as well as to train in conflict management and effective conversational skills.

Next to that she also increases The Pink Walnut brand awareness and grows a team of Pink Walnut coaches who implement the REALM system and provide training and workshops in the various stages of the system to driven people who do not operate on C-level (like solo-entrepreneurs, driven employees, people with personal growth questions).

Elsbeth also delivers talks and lectures with a similar topic: how we can stop solving problems who wouldn't be there in the first place if we dare to have conversations that matter.

Send your request to info@thepinkwalnut.com and we'll be in touch.

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Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
- George Bernard Shaw

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