My teachings enables business owners, solo entrepreneurs & executives who are stuck, frustrated with lack of results or in doubt about next steps be effective creators and in control of results.

It's my absolute passion to help you turn your true desire into reality, so you be who you want to be, do what you absolutely love to do and have the prosperous life and business you truly want.

Elsbeth van Lienden


YOU are a POWERFUL CREATOR and NOW is the PERFECT TIME to RECONNECT with the infinite POWERS responsible for living the TRUE MEANING of LIFE:


Elsbeth van Lienden

Creating a prosperous live or a thriving business is not dependant on money, status, education or background. It solely depends on your choice to be, do and have what you truly desire and know what certain ways are required to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Everyone can bridge this gap. That's a promise! I've worked with many people with various backgrounds and desires and all who were willing to challenge and change the status quo transformed their life or business in no time. I have a 100% faith and trust in you being able to do the exact same.

Don't let people tell or have you believe otherwise!

Next Level

Elsbeth is a fantastic mentor. She simplifies coaching and mentoring concepts and brings it to life, making your progress feel natural and organic. Her style means I'll take the lessons into my career going forward.

Hannah Scott



Elsbeth has given me more than we had set as the goals. By asking concrete, action-oriented and sometimes confronting questions I got past my obstacles. I tripled my revenue and it stopped my struggle to create a thriving business.

Jelien Lammers

Boel Bewust


Elsbeth ensures that I started with the right things, had me see what I could not see myself and now I have more turnover in less hours mainly because of the focus and clear mind. She is straightforward and a must to work with!

Jack de Bruijn


Creating lasting results with velocity

Plus 10 years international coaching experience

Inspiring, mind blowing content & insights

Especially for growth driven men and women

"Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal" said Earl Nightingale and I couldn't agree more!

Take an honest look.
Are you satisfied with your life?
The results in business? The performance of your team? 
95% of the people I meet are not. Not really!
Sure, everything is kind of okay. They don't live on the streets so to say...
Yet, in their heart they know they're not satisfied. Not living a prosperous live, in bliss, in flow. Keep having struggles, results going up and down, worry about not having enough money, the future of the kids, not having enough quality time...

And this is costly. If you are kind of okay, you are NOT okay. 

So. What do you want?
Are you ready to decide that you are worthy of more? 
What is your 'more'?

If you want to welcome abundance, joy and success then I happily invite you to book a 15 minute discovery call. We will dive deeper into your desires, your more and struggles. When we conclude more time is required, we'll book a complimentary 1 hour follow-up call to also decide if working together would be beneficial.

You have this. You can totally do this. I'll have your back.

I look forward to speaking with you!


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