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“I teach and mentor entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and executives how to go from mediocre results to exceptional results in life and business. How would your life, business or team look like- if you would be, do or have what you really want (as in your -secret- dreams and desires become real)?- if all the knowledge you gained throughout the years no longer stays fixed in your head but is being put to use as you intended (as in no more ‘sales’, ‘how to get clients’ or ‘how to build a thriving business’ training)?- if you would finally know HOW you do get the wealth, the life, the business you aspire (as in living a fulfilling live)?It’s your birth right to be, do and have more. Truth is, anything is possible. You can have it all. And you should have it all. In order to get it, you must change your mindset, your thinking and your way of being. You have to know how to think, feel and act in a certain way. This certain way is the one thing not explicitly told in books like The Science of Getting Rich, Think & Grow Rich, The Secret or You too, can be Prosperous talk about. And this secret ingredient is the core of my teachings alongside my energy that is shifting gears for you. What would YOU do if anything is possible?What do YOU truly want?Imagine earning more money, do more sales, make more profit! Have more impact with you gifts, your knowledge, services or products. Have more fun, more freedom in time and money!Wouldn’t you agree this would make a huge impact for your family, your hobby, the good cause you support, your growth?How would life look like?Listen. if you can think it in your mind, you can have it in your hands. It’s science. It’s proven. This is no whoo whoo claim or only applicable to certain people. No!Your mind is the most powerful tool in the universe. But is is controlled by what we call a paradigm.A mental programme that has an almost exclusive control over your habitual behaviour…. and…. all of your behaviour is habitual. Feel the impact?You ARE ready and able. Everything so far set you up for greatness. The question is: are you willing to defeat your paradigm and create a new empowering one?!Are you willing to step up and play the bigger game? With all the good that comes with it! Are you willing to create ‘better’? Whatever better is for you, your business or team!Then let’s speak!With love,Elsbethps. if you made it all the way up here, book a call. It’s no coincidence you are on this page. Everything is frequency and we seem to be on the same. Hint: daily, you are getting various signs to help you navigate right directions. Do you already make use of them?

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Elsbeth van Lienden

CEO The Pink Walnut |Proctor Gallagher Consultant

The Pink Walnut teaches, mentors, coaches and consults individuals & teams in corporates, SME’s, solo businesses or in jobs the powerful, scientific, proven principles and strategies for creating lasting, incremental growth in life and business.

***”Change is inevitable, personal growth is a choice.”Bob Proctor***







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Elsbeth van Lienden is founder of the consulting boutique The Pink Walnut, key note speaker on mindset and also associated with the Proctor Gallagher Institute as a consultant. Elsbeth, who is known for recognising and breaking patterns with velocity as well as her intuitive & creative faculties, guides individuals, groups and companies in discovering their deepest desires, reaching their true potential and achieving their personal and professional goals. 
As long as she remembers, she was certain about people being able to create what they think of. She backed this theory with science and now walks her talk. If you’d like to create the life or business you’ve been dreaming of, contact Elsbeth by email at

Webinar, Meet ups , Masterclasses, Seminars & Speaking gigsHave your audience be inspired by powerful scientific based practices and insights. ‘Coloring outside the lines’ is a made to fit program for networking and business events, in-company meetings, seminars and privately held meetups.Ask for details:

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