Elsbeth van Lienden
High Performance Coach  |  Speaker  |  Trainer


No matter where you are at in life, you'll notice that growth options are always presented to you. On a spiritual, mental, personal or financial level. A better version of you is always obtainable.

The Pink Walnut is a coaching boutique for driven business people who want to challenge the status quo, who feel the need to pursue their desires; people who need to be highly efficient and effective in the profitable environments they operate in, people who want to positively impact the world. People who are -or become more- aware of the fact that their mind is the key to infinite potential and who are willing to explore theirs.

Typically, clients already obtained a certain level of success and now seek balance, tranquility, simplicity, better results, or they want more of something in life or business.


The proven REALM® system guides coachees and mentees towards effective, result driven coaching & training. This system is also used to define the topics of speaking gigs as well as multi day masterclasses uniquely designed for C-level teams and professionals.

This multi level figure shows clearly what's in the centre of creation and what needs to be done to create different outcome. And not only what needs to be done: we typically take a closer look at who do you need to be to create different outcome. And how to integrate down to earth spirituality in doing so. Those are the real game changers leaders need to master this decade.

Elsbeth van Lienden

Expert Generalist

From early on Elsbeth values the fact that humans are 100% responsible for the way they operate in life and the fact that we are born creators. It became clear that all systems and methods work yet oftentimes fail. How is that possible? Well, because we as humans fail. And that's something Elsbeth is determined to change in the world. For more than 10 years now she invested into gaining knowledge about how humans operate, what intuition and spirituality has got to do with being effective as a human being and how this all translates into business. She takes this knowledge to a highly practical level to ensure results and more effectiveness in a short timeframe.

Elsbeth created her own way of working in which she brings together scientifically proven brain facts, business directness and down to earth spirituality. Practicing this as well herself, she mostly works with business people, C-Level or business owners, because they can have a fast impact in the companies or teams they lead. And because she can relate to what happens in business. Before starting her company in 2007, she also worked on this level in various companies.

You can book Elsbeth for events, strategy days, retreats, conferences, symposia, lunch meetings, networking events, podcasts, presentations, team training, boardroom sessions and business meetings all over the world.

Elsbeth also works 1-on-1 with C-level professionals or business owners and yearly a few -business-coaches to grow their business. Typically, coaching or mentoring programs are custom made. Team- or group coaching is on request.

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
- George Bernard Shaw

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