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Imagine you are an apple tree. Do you believe you would have thoughts like..:
- well, I don't feel much like growing too many apples this year...
- can someone tell me how to grow apples?
- is it okay for me to grow more apples than my neighbouring apple tree?

No!! Of course not. Now. No worries. I'm totally aware of the fact that humans and apple trees are not alike. Yet. We share something in common, and that is nature. And in nature everything grows. However, unlike the apple tree, humans have a brain that prevents them from growing, by means of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Unlike the apple tree, humans are presented a choice.

These are the two game changers when it comes to being a victim in life or being the born creator that you are.

Curious about what's next? It depends on the speech of your choosing:

Become the leader of your thoughts and no longer seek solutions for problems your created yourself.
The power of deep listening to self and others: intuition in business environments.

Do you prefer a more specific theme, then let's discuss which of the topics presented in the below REALM system are most suitable for your audience.

I can speak from 45 minutes up to two days.

Audience feedback

• this is something I never heard before and so powerful
• Elsbeth provides easy solutions and the right words for problems or situations I believed to be difficult to handle.
• great that she is openly sharing about her own experiences or struggles which makes it nice to listen to and very trustworthy.
• it’s not perse what I want to hear but it is certainly what I need to hear.
• you can tell she is really passionate about this topic and it's indeed fascinating how humans operate so ineffectively.

Lecture for 40 coaches in 2018

90 minute workshop Congres Female Leaders in Care

You can book Elsbeth for your keynote, workshop, masterclass or speaking gig. The -international- audience consists of entrepreneurs, leaders, C-level executives, female networking organisations.

I kindly invite you to connect and request for a conversation in which we can determine how my knowledge and speech is of service to your events' attendees. Please click here for contact details.

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
- George Bernard Shaw

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