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The desire to build lasting and true connections, the value of deepened self knowledge created amongst peers, the ability and willingness to give and enjoying the good things in life is what bonds Profundum Circle Members.

Apeldoorn Region Circle starts 3 March 2020.

Utrecht Region Circle starts 17 March 2020.

What is a Profundum Circle?

The Profundum Network Society consists of circles. Profundum in Latin means 'depth' and this is the main focus of each Profundum Circle.

The Circle is an executive learning environment in which we explore how humans operate, where we build trustworthy connections with peers from different branches of industry and in which we step back from the race we many times find ourselves in, a race for monetary success, titles and possessions.

A Profundum Network Circle is a small, selective group of maximum 10 high level executives and business people who chose to take their personal leadership skills and knowledge to the next level.

Each circle has at least six spots open for business owners or C-level executives with a substantial level of responsibility. The other spots are available for solo entrepreneurs, non-profit CEO's or people with a creative, scientific or NGO background. This will ensure a variety of opinions, knowledge and insights to create new perspectives in life and business.

Circle members are willing to open up, to be vulnerable, to give and to listen. They are willing to learn, to uncover new perspectives and are committed to their circle and their own growth. Skills which once mastered, are also highly impactful in business.

Circles meet five times a year, 5 hours each of in-depth sharing and learning, after which a tasty dinner is served. Once a year all Circle members meet in a special Profundum meet-up. Circles are hosted by Elsbeth as well as other experts and professionals in personal development or philosophy.

If you are interested in becoming a member you must apply for an in-depth conversation. Circles are personally configured by Elsbeth van Lienden to ensure group consistency. The yearly membership investment amounts  3K Euro excl. VAT.

You are kindly invited to connect and request for a conversation in which we can determine if being part of a Profundum Circle is beneficial for you as well as the Circle and its' members. You can use the button at the right or you can send an email to info@profundumnetworksociety.com and we will contact you.

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
- George Bernard Shaw

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