The unique networking society of The Pink Walnut.

The desire to feed yourself with new perspectives and insights.
The appreciation of deepened -self- knowledge created with and amongst peers.
Enjoying to get the know the person behind the words and looks.
... is what bonds the Circle members of this Pink Walnut Network.

Why The Pink Walnut Network?

I personally enjoy the real deal instead of putting on the mask. I also find it very valuable not just to be inspired during events but to gain practical insights. I enjoy hearing new stuff, connecting with value driven people and preferably in small sized audiences. And I could not find it in the existing networking events. After consulting with peers I came to the conclusion that this was a shared desire it was simply a matter of creating what's not there yet.

What is a Pink Walnut Circle?

Profundum in Latin means 'depth' and this is the main focus of each [ink Walnut Circle. The Circle is an executive learning environment in which we explore how humans and thus leaders operate and where we build trustworthy connections with peers from different branches of industry.

A circle consists of a selective group of max 10 men and women who chose to take their personal and professional life to the next level by means of non-conventional wisdom and knowledge. They value the fact that there is more to life than the race we many times find ourselves in, a race for monetary success, titles and possessions. People who already understand the necessity or want the experience the upside of slowing down time in your schedule.

What to expect?

Each circle has at least six spots for business owners or C-level executives with a substantial level of responsibility. The other spots are available for driven, ambitious solo entrepreneurs, non-profit CEO's or people with a creative, scientific or NGO background. Each Circle has the same composition during the five times members meet.

Each Circle meeting covers a different subject, all related to uncommon knowledge, philosophy, ancient wisdom and are also practical in usage. We are finalising the program as we speak; members will be send the full program after signing up.

Circles are hosted by senior experts in their field who require open minded participants. If you believe you already know it all, then this Network is not meant for you. Experts who believe in this format already confirmed their contribution in the near future:
Dries van Ingen, former CEO Boom Uitgevers & executive coach
Hans Schnitzler, philosopher, publicist & speaker, co-initiator Bildung Academie
Helen van Empel, psychologist, co-founder Kick Your Habits
Ronald Wolbink, Coach & Teacher expert Stoic Phylosophy

Circles meet five times a year for 4 hours each (starting at 13:00hrs) of in-depth sharing and learning. We close off with a tasty dinner; each meeting ends at 19.00 hrs. When more circles are in effect, all Circle members get the opportunity to meet in a special yearly networking meet-up.

Whether or not joining The Pink Walnut Network would make sense for you personally, can of course be difficult to decide, which is why typically potential members meet or speak by phone with Elsbeth van Lienden who is responsible for the optimum circle composition. If you consider joining and are willing to invest 3.000,- Euro excl VAT we invite you to request a conversation.

The benefits of participating

- you feed yourself with new knowledge which is beneficial for both personal and business life.
- because of in-depth sharing with peers you create a new circle of trust to ask for, to reflect with, to refer to and to share with outside meetings.
- you make effective use of time, take a step back from the day to day business and slow down. A rare yet powerful habit in business.


You are kindly invited to connect and request for a conversation in which we can determine if being part of a Circle is a good decision. Of course you can ask any question you have with regard to joining a circle, the contents of the program or otherwise.

Please send an email to and we will contact you to set up an appointment.

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
- George Bernard Shaw

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