Elsbeth van Lienden, 16 years owner of Management Consulting & Coaching Boutique The Pink Walnut, international trainer and speaker, Brainz 500 Global award winner for influential leader and soon to be author of her first book Harruk.

Before starting her agency, she worked as HR Director at international manufacturing companies where the seed for her own business was planted: because how is it that after the coaches and consultants leave, after about 3-4 months almost everything is as it was? We want to change and we don't. Why!?

The Pink Walnut specializes in simple solutions to seemingly complicated transformation problems in large and small companies and in addition, Elsbeth occasionally performs HR consultancy assignments at the tactical and strategic level. Elsbeth has a professional background in HR management and business & executive coaching. 

Elsbeth spent 10 years learning from the top of the bill to put the puzzle pieces together herself how manifestation works. Assuming that our thinking creates everything we see in our lives now, the good and the bad, how can this thinking be harnessed in such a way to get what you want. She now very much enjoys sharing this knowledge with as many people as possible. In leadership programs, in her consultancy assignments and of course the programs like Creation Revolution. Actually, it should already be taught at school!
Her motto: always a student, so even now Elsbeth still invests time and money in her own growth in consciousness.

Elsbeth is able to articulate complicated matters easily and understandably, has a positive energy in which you are sucked in and she goes to the core of your being. She has a 100% belief in you and your ability. She embraces the laws of the universe, is very practical in their application and lets you experience what is possible!


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