Elsbeth van Lienden
High Performance Coach  |  Speaker  |  Trainer

Who is Elsbeth?

During the past years Elsbeth has achieved lasting results for more than 300 people who wanted more in life or business. Especially people who felt the urge to create some sort of impact and to matter in life.

"People are 100% responsible for the way they operate in life. We are born creators. We have to deal with circumstances, of course, but it's you who decides how to deal with them. Oftentimes, we seek solutions for problems -which we created ourselves by the way- outside ourselves. We try new systems, new structures, new processes. Yet. All systems work. It's people who fail. By design because deep down, there's something in us all that has an absolute commitment on being the same.

"Back in the days I was HR responsible in mid-sized international companies. It always puzzled me why after hiring the consultants and coaches after several months the organisation would circle back to their old habits and results. Only minor things shifted and the few people who really got it got demotivated and left. So costly!"

"I've spent the past eight years stuying the human brain, the way we operate and spiritual laws. To finally uncover the simple fact why we tend to chose such ineffective ways for change. Why we keep turning to systems and fail to really and substantially move forward. And how this all fits in with universal laws, vibrational, energetic laws and humans as spiritual beings. This has become the center of my way of coaching, my teachings, the Profundum network and my speaking."

"And this results in lasting and swift changes in the lives and businesses of my clients. Because of my profound deep listening skills they start to see what they could not see before and are therefore able to choose different  actions. That's why results show up so soon. They create new, highly effective, patterns. They often laugh about the bullshit they told themselves once it becomes clear!

And it does not matter what they want more of.... more money, more freedom, more time, more balance, more excitement, more impact, more visibility, more profitable teams, more... well fill it in for yourself. For my clients I tune into my intuitive creative solutions to help uncover simple solutions for seemingly difficult problems.

We all have that little annoying stones in our shoe... we got used to it during walking, yet wouldn't it be great to walk without it. Freely, without that agonising feeling that's always present."

So how can people benefit from my knowledge?
- VIP intensive 1 or more days + additional coaching session
- 1-on-1 coaching or mentoring
- 2-day retreat designed for Board of Directors and Management Teams
- new group programme coming up mid 2020

Elsbeth van Lienden | Expert Generalist