Elsbeth van Lienden is an experienced succes coach and inspiring speaker in the field of mindset, getting what one truly desires, in a consistent and lasting way.

She founded her business in 2007 and ever since she is on a mission to have as many people as possible create the results they want.

This is a personal story I'd like to share with you. Back in the days as a HR Director I noticed an odd phenomenon: coaches and consultants would enter the building, doing great work in transformational and organisational change, leaving after a certain period of time and then..... everything slowly went back to sort of how it was before. At the time I had no clue how this could happen, I only figured it a waste of money and energy and a good birthing place for disappointment.

But it had my mind made up when I founded my own business and decided:
I will make sure that I know exactly how to create lasting, sustainable results in working with clients. 

So I started my personal journey investigating, exploring and experiencing the workings of the mind. More specifically MY MIND. I started connecting the dots and found powerful and mind blowing answers to the questions that I had, like 'how come sometimes things just go in flow and other times it feels like hard work', 'what am I doing differently when things do go in flow', 'what is the truth in attraction and The Secret' 'why do I keep saying yes to what I don't want and no to what I want', 'why and when do I circle back into old patterns and behaviour'.

In the meanwhile I had a busy family life as well with three boys, a partner and two dogs, yet I just started and did 1% everyday, which is still a good way to go! I started coaching with the powerful tools provided in the book Straight-Line Leadership by Dusan Djukich and learned that 'you just have to be committed enough to do things' was easier said than done. I was very clear about what I wanted yet didn't got it. A new dimension arose in my studies, with books like You too can be Prosperous by Robert A. Russell. And that's when I find the ultimate answers to my questions. A perfect mixture of mind and action.
Of course, over the years I worked with various mentors and coaches myself to perfect my skills and deepen my insights. A huge investment but I am forever grateful for all the lessons learned!

There is a deep truth in who we are being and how the universe operates. And it's my passion to gain even more deeper levels of awareness and understanding into these truths. Life for me is learning and growing, it cannot be stopped. And it now provides me with the tools to connect the dots as an expert generalist in many types of organisations and within the realm of human effectiveness.

Today, I am inspiring people with my knowledge and my insights on stage or online and depending on the best solution I coach, consult, mentor or teach people how to turn their desire into reality. I am on a mission to have as many people increase their awareness, see what they are truly capable of and be who they want to be. Because it will make this world a better place.

And it all starts with this powerful question: What Do You Want?

Please know that your reality can be totality different in a very short period of time. Don't waste time overthinking, start with that soft inner voice that tells you which way to go. If you'd like to talk with me about your desire or struggle, feel free to book a 15 minute discovery call.

With Love


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