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We help you become aware of what you are innately capable of doing and then help you do it. 

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How Would Your Life & Business Look Like If You Could Implement A Proven Process To Create Anything You Truly Desire: 

Correct Thinking + Subconscious Mind = Success!

You know you are capable of more, you are sure you want more.. yet you don't. 
There's a gap between knowing what you want and what you do. We help you solve this gap. In six months from now you'll need a telescope to see where you were!

Our Expertise


What exactly is mindset and how do you need to think?! We teach what you did not learn in school (and our kids still don't!). It blows your mind.

Intuitive Solutions

We help you see opportunities invisible for you up till now and we help to implement these wonderful suggestions from the universe.

Mentoring & Consultancy

We provide a ROI on all your prior investments in training. We guide you towards results that last, because we solve the root cause.


You don't have to study for 10 years to get this. We did this for you! And have tons of info to share if you do want to dive deeper.


The process ensures swift changes if you do exactly as we tell you, although the process is made to fit! You are unique right!

Mind at peace

No more thinking tennis matches in your head! Once you reconnect with the six higher senses, you live by the heart. It is all knowing.

Mentorship & consultancy

Why I do what I do

Elsbeth van Lienden, founder of The Pink Walnut, has, for as long as she can remember, an inner knowing that we are capable of creating anything we want. But how?! She spent 10 years searching for all the pieces of the puzzle to fall in place. Now, she teaches growth driven individuals, business owners and corporate teams the how to. 

Ensuring lasting results. No more temporary fixes for organisational or growth issues. Because it's on a deeper level that we find the real cause of problems. And once we fix that, you cannot go back to how things were. It's fascinating!

What we offer:

Thinking Into Results

This 6 month programme is revolutionary. Hundreds of people and organisations already used the material to learn how the correct way of thinking and using our 6 higher senses creates limitless possibilities, pease of mind and outstanding results. Personal leadership in optima forma!


We help executives determine the true nature of the problems they need to solve and we help them solve it by unique, but future commonly, leadership skills. Let us show you how to finally create a return on investment on all trainings you and your employees had in the past.

On stage

Our teachings are profound and are not taught in school. Therefore, Elsbeth gladly performs on online and offline stage, in masterclasses and during your board room meeting to enlighten you with her knowledge in a practical and loose fit way.

Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.

Earl Nightingale

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The Pink Walnut is a trade name of Eye Am in Business, since 2007.

Elsbeth is executive contributor for BRAINZ MAGAZINE.


We gladly provide you more information about our offerings and answer your questions how we can be of service to you.


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