Because the opinion of your stakeholders is more important than yours.

As a leader you should always be curious about how you are perceived by others. They decide how good you are as a leader. Not you.

So especially for growth minded leaders who dare to step out of their comfort zone and want to be confronted with hidden growth areas as well as the areas in which they perform surprisingly well, the GLA360 assessment is the way to go.

It provides in-depth details from which you can easily distract two leadership growth areas. Working on these areas will benefit your executive presence, the realisation of goals and the effectiveness of your leadership. It also points out what you specifically need to do and who you need to be to improve career chances.

In this assessment preferably 6-12 stakeholders are asked to provide information, all online and easy to fill in. Depending on which path you choose, some of the stakeholders will also have a part in your growth path.

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