From desire to reality.

As early as the early 1900s, people were writing about it, about the necessary ways of thinking and acting that guarantee success in life. Whatever the word success means to you.

These ways of thinking and acting are now available to you in KOMPAS (which means the same as the English Compass). So that you take control (even more or again) over your life or business and the interpretation thereof. Ancient knowledge modernised.

This is not abracadabra. Science and these ancient writers meet in the material that The Pink Walnut has on its curriculum. KOMPAS is based on information that has been proven effective for over 75 years and was taught by Bob Proctor (known for The Secret) and others. It's the teachings of Thinking Into Results, combined with Elsbeth's own knowledge and understanding. 

The knowledge you are about to gain is transformational on any aspect in life and business. 

This educational and mentoring program does not teach you new tricks, scripts or strategies. This program is about YOU.

Know that you are always manifesting; life as you experience it now, the results in your business, they come 100% from your thinking, your assumptions. If you long for a different reality, you want to know how to achieve it without living the old paradigms: working even harder, working more hours, studying and learning even more, continuing to feel not good enough despite what you have already achieved. This myth is going into the trash can from now on. How nice!!! Because it can and must be different.

No longer let circumstances be the leading factor in personal and business growth, but let your desire be your compass. 


The international KOMPAS program is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners. SME organisations and teams on request. 

You apply what you learn DIRECTLY in life and business. We like simple and practical, dictated by universal laws. Just like in nature, this also applies to humans.


KOMPAS is unique in its setup. Online, but with personal interaction. You are not left with questions because the teachers are not online (or you only have access to them in the most expensive programs ...).

We make sure that you really absorb the material, so that you can live by it. No quick fix, but in depth personal development. And of course FUN and a high dose of positivity. Our energy is contagious! 


Imagine the ripple effect you create when you live your best life! What impact does this have on yourself, co-workers, children, family members, friends but also in terms of happiness, health, relationships, income, freedom, leisure time!

You are welcome in our world and we look forward to greeting you soon.

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"We must seek to understand the mind and its workings, and learn how to cultivate and develop those thought processes that will give us mastery over life and circumstances."
Raymond Holliwell


You work hard, put in the hours yet results lack.
You know you should be more 'out there' yet you don't.
You feel the urge to increase your impact by means of your business.
You are ambitious, 'know' you are meant to do what you are doing, but how to make a more than good living out of it?
There is chaos and indecision going on in your head.
You keep starting over with new ideas, but none really klick.
You want to hire more staff but are insecure of the consequences.
You think you use the correct manifestation tools but why is what you want not in your life?
You want more freedom, fun, flow and money in your life.


Your awareness increases on a daily basis, making the right decisions with ease.
You know how to focus on what's the most important for you right now.
You do the things you used to procrastinate.
Your perception changes, causing you to see way more possibilities than ever before.
People will notice and get inspired by who you are being.
You will have what you want in this physical reality.

12 modules with a variety of topics

Acting intuitively
Mindset, conscious & subconscious mind
Self image & trust
Business growth strategies
Sales techniques 'from within'
How to think in the correct way and order
How to manifest with the Law of Assumption
Come up with C-type goals and realise them
Attitude what it is and how to apply
Closing the gap between knowing and doing
Leadership in these times
How to influence people positively
The truth about Being - be do have
Doing inspired actions
The working and implementation of universal laws
And much more......

"The mind is a magnet and attracts what corresponds to its prevailing state. What we imagine in our minds, what we expect and what we think about, will tend to bring into our lives the things and circumstances that are in harmony with it."
Raymond Holliwell

Program Content - Education & Mentoring All-in-One

Orientation Zoom Call prior to start of the Program
For 6 months access to twice weekly live calls every three weeks a month (1 call study information, 1 call business growth and awareness increase) 
Life long access to PGI - Thinking Into Results. Elsbeth is a certified PGI Consultant.
Access to The Pink Walnut Academy for bonus material during the program
A monthly 1,5 hour online live Mastermind call for additional Q&A, hotseat coaching and mentoring
Access to client portal for networking and accountability partners.
Program duration: 6 months of which 3 months Thinking Into Results study and 3 months repetition and implementation guidance.
All lives are hosted by Elsbeth van Lienden and you're able to ask questions live.
Bonus 1: 10-15 minutes online Business Reading
Bonus 2: Unique Welcome Package


INVESTMENT & payment options for KOMPAS program

€ 8888 including taxes, payment in full
6 payments of € 1555 including taxes

This is how Elsbeths' knowledge and energy helps:

I have been following KOMPAS / Thinking Into Results for a while now and I must say it is changing my world. It is sometimes difficult to do 'nothing' but thinking from results instead of problems works very well. I now have more assignments because I now see everything from a completely different perspective. Suddenly everything is flowing with me instead of against me. Gave windfall and happiness, what that can be is personal for everyone. I would like to wish it to everyone, the 'unlucky' people, people who do not believe in themselves, people who find business not very easy (like me). Or find it difficult to ask for money. I learn a lot and grow and develop enormously. Really valuable! Maybe something for you too! - Roos Mulder

Elsbeth helps me communicate from my core again. I dare to think bigger and communicate on a bigger level. I now do that more from my heart. In this way I can really convey what I want. I am not a product seller, I have a mission. And I'm working towards that mission. - Laura Hommes

Elsbeth is decisive and quickly puts her finger on the sore spot. She knows where things are going 'wrong' and where she can give you a helping hand. Both privately and professionally she still helps me tremendously and I notice growth in all aspects. My thinking pattern is changing and I am much more aware of my actions. I can really recommend coaching via The Pink Walnut. It gives you so many new insights, I grant that to everyone! Thank you Elsbeth, for the tailor-made package. - Anne Eline den Harder

This is an investment with a great rOI!

You schedule study time. 
You'll do the unease tasks and break barriers; of course we are here to help but you have to put in the work. We cannot do that for you. 
You love personal development.
We hoeven je niet te overtuigen van het feit dat alles energie is. Hoe je het ook noemt, God, universum, energie, vormloze substantie, divine etcetc je WEET dat dit zo is en dat je hiermee kunt werken. 
You open up for new ideas, insights and possibilities.
You ask questions.
You acknowledge the fact that there is no end to personal development!
Either way, your investment will ALWAYS return simply because your life will not be the same, you will see new opportunities, have the ripple effect on those around you, you will learn this for the rest of your life. Honestly? You get so much more out of it than your investment in money can ever be!!! You'll change who you are being and that's priceless.

Elsbeth, I'm Not Sure What My Desire Is Or What I Want to Grow Into. Will this training work for me? 

100% Yes!  The Mind & Universal Laws work the same for every human being. We will bring out what you want, because you know it. See It In Your Mind. Have It In Your Hands.

Elsbeth, I Don't Have This Money. Now What?!

No Problem! You ain't the first to have this problem. And so far it has always been solved for those who REALLY want to follow this program. I know you don't see a way out yet, but there is a way! Let's Talk. 

Elsbeth, I can't be at all the Lives, am I missing Out?

Of course I advise you to fit the Lives into your calendar as much as possible! But if you can't be present every time, the audio recordings are available in the Academy. So easy to listen at a time that suits you and you do not miss anything. Q&A can also be done on other moments than in the Live Call, like in the Customer Portal.

Finally & Importantly

You do not need this training. Everything is already in you.

AND you would like to be part of the program in order to move forward faster.

Do what successful people do;

Get a mentor and learn to think right.

We are here to support you. 


See you soon!

© The Pink Walnut. All Rights Reserved. 

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