Do you have a need for better results in business without the hassle and extra hard work?
Long for a new leadership style based on SELF? 
Join the KOMPAS programme and long cherished desires become reality.


Thinking Into Results


As early as the early 1900s, people were writing about it, about the necessary ways of thinking, feeling and acting that guarantee success in life. Whatever the word success means to you.

These ways  are offered to you in KOMPAS. So that you take back control over your life or business. We teach old material in a modern way.

This is not abracadabra, science and these ancient writers meet in the material The Pink Walnut offers;  information that has been proven effective for over 75 years and was taught by Bob Proctor (known for The Secret) and other world famous teachers. 

The knowledge you receive in the program is transformational on every aspect of life. 

The practical application of it provides immediate results.

This program does not teach you new tricks, scripts or strategies. 

This program is about YOU and your way of thinking and being.

Know that you always manifest; life as you experience it now, the results in your business, they come 100% from your thinking. 

If you long for a different reality, you want to know how to achieve it without living the old paradigms. 

Like working even harder, working more hours, studying and learning even more, continuing to feel not good enough despite what you have already achieved. 

This myth is going into the trash can from now on. That's cool right!

No longer let the circumstances be leading in personal and business growth. 

From now on your desire is the leading factor!


International KOMPAS students are driven men and women, mostly owning a business. 


KOMPAS is unique in its setup. Online, but with personal interaction. 

You are not left behind with questions because the teachers are not online (or you only have access to them in the most expensive programs ...).

Our energy is contagious.


Imagine the ripple effect you have when you live your fullest potential! It's limitless. 

What impact does this have on yourself, co-workers, children, family members, friends. And also in terms of happiness, health, relationships, income, freedom, leisure time!? It's immense!

Now it's time to live life on your terms. 

We welcome you in our world. Everything is possible. 

Much love,

Elsbeth van Lienden

Founder & CEO The Pink Walnut

For ambitious, driven people

this is you now

You lack desired outcome in life or business.

You feel the urge to increase your impact by means of your business.
You work hard, put in the hours yet results lack.
You know you should be more 'out there' yet you don't.
You are ambitious, 'know' you are meant to do what you are doing and want to create a prosperous life.
There is chaos and indecision going on in your head.
You keep starting over with new ideas, but none really stick.
You should hire staff but hey... the business is not profitable enough to do that.
You want to manifest more fun, money, freedom and flow.

This is you during and after kOMPAS

Your desire into reality.

Your awareness increases on a daily basis, it's easy to decide in the moment and move on fast.
You know how to think and feel in the correct way to manifest whatever you truly desire.
You stop procrastination and instead look forward to the next step, although it might be uncomfortable.
Your perception and self image change, causing you to see more and new possibilities aka your business will grow.
People will notice you and be inspired by your actions, your way of being (think kids!!).
You have more freedom, time, fun, money and you are forever grateful for anything that comes into your life, the good AND the bad.

Thinking Into Results

12 powerful modules that show you the way

Elsbeth is a certified PGI consultant, meaning she is highly capable of teaching Bob Proctor's materials. Thinking Into Results is the most wanted leadership & self improvement program in the world. Elsbeth's teachings are profound because she adds her 10 years of own research and is a very experienced executive business coach & mentor. You get best of both worlds and will fast forward your results. 

During the 12 modules a variety of topics will guide you towards a totally new reality, like:
- goals, what are they truly and how to set them;
- your conscious and subconscious mind;
- self awareness and self image;
- leadership; how to be lead and how to lead;
- what is attitude and does is effect manifestation;
- the barrier that throws you back into unwanted realities and how to overcome it;
- having faith;
- how to create a prosperous business;
- the workings of universal laws;
- closing the gap between knowing and doing;
- decision making;
- and so many more!

"The mind is a magnet and attracts what corresponds to its prevailing state. What we imagine in our minds, what we expect an what we think about, will tend to bring into our lives the things and circumstances that are in harmony with it."
Raymond Holliwell

Programme Content
Education | Mentoring | Action

Live Orientation online call prior to the start of the program; feel welcome and know how to make the most out of it.
Six months access to twice weekly live calls every three weeks a month (1 call for study, 1 call for integration, additional learnings and business growth)
Life long access to PGI - Thinking Into Results.
Access to the client portal for additional support, Q&A, bonus materials.
A monthly 1,5 hour online live mastermind call.
Program duration: 6 months: 3 months modules & implementation and 3 months implementation.
All lives are hosted by Elsbeth herself.
Bonus 1: 10-15 minuten online Business Reading
Bonus 2: Unique welcome package.



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