You want a great future for your children and you feel it's your job to prepare them for it. But how do you do that, with everything going on in the world and your own struggles creating the truly desired reality for you and your family?!

Nobody knows for what future nor which jobs we are preparing our children. And thus it becomes of utmost importance to teach them how to be independent, how to be in charge of creating their own life story and how to re-connect with universal laws and unseen powers that will guide them towards prosperity.

We help your transition into being your kids perfect example by living your dreams and shift your current unwanted circumstances in under six month.

Hundreds of parents already learned and daily practice these proven principles and now so can you.

Lead by example

That might sound too good to be true, but don't you believe we all are entitled to an abundant life? It's your birth right! Doesn't it make you sad or even angry when you watch governments making a mess of this world? I mean, we can focus on flying to Mars but don't we have some work to do here first?!

It's time to reclaim our own abilities to create a desired reality. No matter what you believe systems dictates, you are spirit's highest form of creation and you are here for a reason! You too are part of making this world a better place for your child(ren). So what does your ideal reality looks like? Do you know?

Now, here's the deal.

If you want the best for you kids, you need to want the best for YOU. You need the courage to break the chains that are holding YOU back from living your dream life. You have to close your knowing-doing gap!

You are allowed to say goodbye to doubt and fear and reconnect with the unseen powers guiding you towards anything you truly desire. Remember, children copy our patterns, our beliefs, our words, our mindset, our attitude, our actions so you better learn them to copy the right ones!

It's time

Elsbeth van Lienden, founder of The Pink Walnut en proud mom of three sons, age 10, 13 and 15, also was in this situation: knowing what she wanted yet not really getting there. Being busy with the kids (perfect excuse 😉) and some other paradigms that stood in the way. She always knew we are capable of creating what we want.... but how!? That became a long search for all pieces of the puzzle to fall into place. 

But when it was clear after 10 years and she started to act and think in a certain way, the situation changed rapidly. She decided to work with Bob Procter after all, known from The Secret to own the matter even more. Because growth is never ending.

She has a 100% belief in you. You too can do this. And she is happy to be of service to you!

Smooth Metamorphose Transition

At first, transformation does not seem like a lot of fun. And it's true, it can be tough. However, if you don't take action you keep walking your default path in life and you'll have more of the same. You will not change, living a kind of okay life, unable to show your child how to use his or her mind and thinking properly to create anything he or she wants. You'll wonder what could have been... And that's not a fun place to be in.

What will you experience when you do engage in our services?

- you will lead the life you want or manifest what is important to you
- you no longer depend on what happens in the outside world, you are in control
- you make an impact in the world with your knowledge, skills and being
- you have loving relationships
- you experience a good work / life 'balance' no matter how busy you are
- you can do good for society and charity.

and most importantly
you'll know how to be the living example for your child(ren) and help make this world a better place so they indeed will have a bright future and prosperous life.

What clients say

"Elsbeth is a fantastic mentor, she simplifies coaching concepts and brings it to life. Making progress so rapidly feels natural and organic"
H. Scott, HR Director, UK

"Elsbeth really helped me to understand which direction I had to go to triple my yearly net income in which I succeeded!"
J. van den Boom, CEO/Coach, NLD

"I highly recommend working with Elsbeth. As a result of working with her, the quality of my life and work has significantly improved."
E. Creed, Director, Singapore

You can create whatever you truly want.
We teach you how.

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Life is FUN as soon as you reconnect with the way a YOUNG child views the world.
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