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Top of the bill high performance coaching & mentoring for entrepreneurs by Elsbeth van Lienden, aka The Pink Walnut.

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To the point, food for thought, taking upon a journey from who you are being now to who you need to be to have desired results in life or business. Click the button to subscribe. 

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No standard coaching programs.
You are the 'material' with which I work devotedly. Each session is a unique experience, tailor made in the moment. You speak, I listen like no one ever listened to you before. Together we create the seemingly impossible into reality. 

I'll show you what thinking lead to your unwanted results. More importantly, then I help you see the thinking and actions that will lead to creating lasting results. 

Your life will never be the same. 

My work is suited for driven human being, (solo) entrepreneurs, sales teams and board members. 


Elsbeth helps me communicate from my core again. I dare to think bigger and communicate on a bigger level. I do that now more from my heart. In this way I can really convey what I want. I am not a product saleswoman, I have a mission. And I work towards that mission. - Laura Hommes

Elsbeth has helped me to focus and structure my work so that I can work more effectively and thus create a higher number of billable hours. With a clear and straightforward approach that you have to be able to appreciate, you quickly get to the core and learn what to do and what not to do. The sessions end with homework which you definitely will do. In short, coaching as coaching should be. - Jack de Bruijn

Elsbeth is decisive and quickly puts her finger on the sore spot. She knows where things are going 'wrong' and where she can give you a helping hand. Both privately and professionally she still helps me tremendously and I notice growth in all aspects. My thinking pattern is changing and I am much more aware of my actions. I can really recommend coaching via The Pink Walnut. It gives you so many new insights, I grant that to everyone! Thank you Elsbeth, for the tailor-made package. - Anne Eline den Harder

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