Uplifting Humanity mind by mind

The Pink Walnut - since 2007, led by Elsbeth van Lienden, offers business owners a compass to transform unwanted results and bring deepest desires into reality.


You too have a desire! Whether that's growing your business, a healthier body, more love, being the best, becoming famous, more income, a new home, a tightly run team.... it doesn't matter what it is. It is YOUR UNIQUE desire and has a deeper layer: freedom, independence, self-worth, belonging, being significant, creating a legacy...

Know that it is okay to have a desire. And know that it is your destiny to bring this desire into reality. Embrace your desire and no longer let circumstances, thoughts or environment determine whether or not you can have it. 

Become the leader of your life and be significant in any way you can. This starts with changing the way you use thinking and feeling.

How to do that concretely is what our trainings, programs, webinars and meetings are all about. AND WE LOVE IT!

Be inspired In A Nutshell

To the point, food for thought, taking upon a journey from who you are being now to who you need to be to have desired results in life or business. Click the button to subscribe. 

What do you really want?

Everything you need is already within you and practiced on three different levels: spiritual, intellectual and physical. Just floating in the spirit world doesn't work. Busy focusing every day on ticking off lists and grinding in your head doesn't either. Working even harder won't make a difference either.....

Balancing these three levels is the crux of turning desire into reality.

We live in turbulent times, times that call for you to re-acquaint yourself with your unique creative power and to unleash it. Not to be dependent, but to take responsibility for YOUR life in an independent but interdependent way. A way that suits you in which your desire, your dreams are central. Whatever they are and whatever they relate to.

People often ask me: "How do you do this, manifest, be so positive in life, get what you want done, create the clients, get people on board, new leadership etc.? Logical questions, .....

But rather ask me 'what do you think' or 'how do you feel', because the answers to these questions bring you to the core of creation. The co-creation with the formless energy that is within us and flows through us. Vague? No way, everything we teach at The Pink Walnut is scientifically proven and has been available for hundreds of years. And sometimes it can't even be scientifically proven.... but the results show that simply obeying universal laws works.

The Pink Walnut stands for lasting results and unique, practical, proven methods. We let you recognise and cross the bridge between "whoo-whoo" & decisive action. And we have a goal in mind: Uplifting Humanity. Because the more you live your desire, the more positive it is for everyone. Everything is connected after all.

I am very grateful for the lessons I learned from my teachers including Bob Proctor and proud that I may pass on his and many other wisdom mixed with my own knowledge and skills.

We look forward to have you in the program!


Elsbeth helps me communicate from my core again. I dare to think bigger and communicate on a bigger level. I do that now more from my heart. In this way I can really convey what I want. I am not a product saleswoman, I have a mission. And I work towards that mission. - Laura Hommes

Elsbeth has helped me to focus and structure my work so that I can work more effectively and thus create a higher number of billable hours. With a clear and straightforward approach that you have to be able to appreciate, you quickly get to the core and learn what to do and what not to do. The sessions end with homework which you definitely will do. In short, coaching as coaching should be. - Jack de Bruijn

Elsbeth is decisive and quickly puts her finger on the sore spot. She knows where things are going 'wrong' and where she can give you a helping hand. Both privately and professionally she still helps me tremendously and I notice growth in all aspects. My thinking pattern is changing and I am much more aware of my actions. I can really recommend coaching via The Pink Walnut. It gives you so many new insights, I grant that to everyone! Thank you Elsbeth, for the tailor-made package. - Anne Eline den Harder

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