Your leadership is a reflection of you.
And you are what you think.

We teach business owners and executives to use their thinking super effectively
enabling them to lead by example in the right way.

Eliminate the 'knowing - doing' gap

We want you to understand the root cause of organisational ineffectiveness and once you do, you know how to effectively deal with business challenges in a profound and lasting way and increase productivity in no time!

This root cause is always the paradigms of the leaders and employees as well as the paradigms of the organisation itself. Subconscious patterns that prevent us from seeing what's possible to. Having us think into the wrong direction. 

Ever wondered how come once the coaches and consultants leave, after a short period of time all slowly circles back to the way it was before? We want to change, but we don't! That's intriguing! 

We offer the solution that lasts.

You win!

Implement effective behaviour and habits
Create inspiring goals instead of boring spreadsheet tasks
Increase employee engagement and ownership
Highly adaptive to external circumstances
Create an inspiring leadership style
Business net worth increases
ROI on all past courses, training and masterclasses
Increase productivity and decrease illness rates 

All great leaders & quantum physics scientists agree on this:


Creativity Mode ON

Being responsible for organisational change herself, Elsbeth van Lienden, founder of The Pink Walnut, always wondered 'how can it be, we learn how to change and yet we don't! Some 2-3 months after the consultants left, everything circles back to kind of the way it was!'. And we know you experience the same.

Once you understand how our behaviour causes results, what directs our behaviour and what that's got to do with our thinking, life will never be the same again.

Shifts in results will happen in no time! It's awesome!! And we want you to experience this as well.

Stop putting effort in the old way of tackling business issues and welcome in the new era of business development.

1. Schedule a call or visit

Let's talk about your urgencies and we'll present the path to fast shifts in results to you.

2. Decide

Together we'll decide which made-to-fit programme will solve your issues the fastest and in a lastig way.

3. Implement

Learn how to think, let it work FOR you, have potential employees lined up and grow exponentially.

Elsbeth van Lienden mentors business owners and executives and facilitates exponential growth and productive increase in unconventional ways.

She's also a keynote speaker and facilitates masterclasses, topics mindset, higher faculties, exponential lasting change, paradigms and personal development. She's also executive contributor for BRAINZ Magazine.

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